Spelling Bee  

Spelling Bee 2020 is open to all interested 1st - 5th grade students. Same as previous years, it consists of preliminary test (written) and final (spoken). It's a great way for your young spellers to improve and expand vocabulary and enjoy the fun of spelling! Top 5 (generally) will move on to the final oral round spelling bee.
Please register online here.  

Study Materials
The 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List is divided into three levels of difficulty: One Bee, Two Bee and Three Bee. 
Students should start with the words at their skill level. In general, we recommend level One Bee for lower elementary, Two Bee for upper elementary, and Three Bee for middle school. When spellers are comfortable with the words at their starting difficulty level, they are ready to learn the remainder of the 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List, which includes all three levels.

Once a registration is submitted, a zip folder containing all the study materials will be sent to the registered email box, so please make sure your email address is correct and valid! Since it will be sent manually, please allow 1-2 days and thank you for our volunteers!

In the zip folder, you will find a total of 9 files: 1. Full list (words only); 2. Full list (with definitions); 3. One Bee (words only); 4. One Bee (with definitions); 5. Two Bee (words only); 6. Two Bee (with definitions); 7. Three Bee (words only); 8. Three Bee (with definitions); 9. 2020 Great Words Great Works book list.  

Spelling Bee dates
Preliminary test: Early-mid Jan, 2020
Final: Early-mid Feb, 2020

For questions, please email spellingbee@spiritridge.org

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